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Title: Arms Trade Treaty Campaign B-Roll
Description: B-roll of Amnesty International’s key campaigning milestones on the Arms Trade Treaty over the last decade.

The full establishment of a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and its robust implementation is an idea Amnesty International initiated and one of our top priorities. After twenty years of global campaigning by Amnesty International with its partners, governments at the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to adopt an ATT on 2 April 2013. On 24th December 2014, after 50 ratifications, the Treaty will enter into force. The rules, if properly implemented, will stop a wide range of arms flows when the sending state knows those weapons would be used for human atrocities and grave abuses of human rights.

The global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) enters into force on 24 December, marking a breakthrough for human rights after more than two decades of campaigning by Amnesty International and its NGO partners around the world. 
For the first time, there is a treaty that explicitly embeds the human rights implications of each arms sale into every transfer. 
Amnesty International and its supporters have lobbied and campaigned relentlessly for an ATT since the mid-1990s. As the first-ever legally binding treaty of its kind, it will block the flow of arms to governments that would use them to commit atrocities. 

See shotlist/transcript below for more details.
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Shotlist/Transcript List Public: 00:10 Launch of the Control Arms campaign, 2003
Launch of the Control Arms campaign October 2003 in Trafalgar Square in London. Most of Trafalgar Square was turned into a war cemetery which was devised by Oxfam, Amnesty International and the International Action Network on Small Arms to call for a new binding treaty to regulate the spread of weapons. Three hundred headstones bearing the words "Killed by arms trade" were erected in the square where the paving was covered by green...  Read more
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