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Title: Claudia Medina Tamariz
Description: Still image grabbed from a filmed interview with Claudia. Amnesty International representatives travelled to Mexico in September 2014 and talked to Claudia about her experiences seeking justice.

Marines broke into Claudia Medina’s home that she shared with her husband and three children, on 7 August 2012. They tied her hands, blindfolded her and took her to a naval base in Veracruz City. They accused her of being a member of a powerful and violent criminal gang, which she flatly denied.

Claudia later described how the torturers gave her electric shocks and
wrapped her in plastic to stop her bruising when they beat and kicked her. They sexually assaulted her, tied her to a chair and left her outside in the scorching afternoon sun. The next day, Claudia was pressured into signing a testimony she had not even read.

Later that month, all but one of the charges against her were dropped, and she was released on bail. If Claudia had been allowed a medical examination after she said she had been tortured, she may have had the evidence needed to convict her torturers. Claudia’s torture allegations have not been investigated.

“Not one person has been arrested for the torture that I suffered. I ask that Amnesty International joins me in the fight that I will undertake... I want justice.”
Claudia Medina
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