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Title: Yecenia Armenta Graciano
Description: This photo was taken on 7 May 2015 at the prison where Yecenia is, city of Culiacán, Sinaloa state, Mexico.

Yecenia Armenta Graciano was taken by plain clothed police in Culiacán, Sinaloa state, in July 2010. She was detained and tortured – including through asphyxiation, being hung upside down, and sexually assaulted. She was forced to sign a confession and charged on the basis of it.

Medical forensic staff from the Federal Attorney General’s Office examined her months later. However, they concluded that Yecenia had not been tortured because initial medical examinations, carried out by staff from the same forced which detained her, did not mention any signs of torture or other forms of ill-treatment.

In contrast, two independent expert examinations in line with international standards such as the Istanbul Protocol have confirmed that the medical and psychological evidence coincides with Yecenia’s testimony. The National Human Rights Commission has also issued a recommendation on this case.

Yecenia remains in prison pending the outcome of the judicial process. Apart from her own tortured testimony, the prosecution arrested three men who make direct or indirect reference to Yecenia’s possible involvement in the murder. The Sinaloa State Human Rights Commission corroborated that at least two of these men gave their testimonies under torture or other forms of ill-treatment. The prosecution seems to have failed to gather any further evidence against Yecenia.

´´When they threatened to hurt my children, in that moment I wanted to die, I just wanted it all to stop. I wanted them to just give me a bullet to the head so that it would all stop.´´ (Yecenia, September 2014)
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