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Title: She is not a Criminal - Ava
Description: * These are not original recordings by the women, but recordings done by Amnesty International*

Amnesty International's report She is not a criminal: The Impact of Ireland’s abortion law documents shocking cases of Irish authorities denying women and girls necessary healthcare in order to prioritize the life of the foetus and women having to travel abroad to get an abortion.

Many of the individuals that Amnesty International spoke with who had received a diagnosis of fatal foetal impairment expressed a profound sense of abandonment and anger that they
could not receive the services and support they needed within their own country at such a difficult time. They also spoke of the impact this had on their ability to mourn their loss.

Continuing to go to work can be particularly difficult when you are carrying a foetal fatal abnormality. Ava was given the foetal diagnosis of Edward’s Syndrome at 15 weeks. 183 Her doctors in Ireland told her that, at best, she would carry the pregnancy to 24 weeks and that if she went into labour the baby would be stillborn. Her job required a steady stream of social interaction.Ava explains, “I felt let down by everyone and particularly let down by this country.”
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