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Title: Myanmar: Land of Make Believe graphic
Description: Artwork produced by Amnesty International to accompany Amnesty's campaign against the repressive regime in Myanmar.

The drawings shows members of the public taking part in a a demonstration, some have banners and placards.

The president wants to make the world believe that Myanmar has changed, that anyone can voice their political opinions without fear of what might happen to them.

That there is media freedom. That his country is on the way to reforming itself after decades of military rule. The world praises the president’s efforts and foreign dignitaries flow in.

Back in the real world, life in Myanmar is not the fairytale they would have us believe. Authorities are harassing and arresting people who criticise the government: journalists for publishing a story; student leaders for organising marches, community leaders for defending human rights; lawyers for promoting justice in the courts and union activists for staging strikes in support of workers’ rights. No-one is safe to speak out.
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