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Title: Defenders Under Attack: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the Americas.
Description: Video for the campaign around the launch by the Americas Regional Office of the report “Defenders under Attack! Promoting sexual and reproductive rights in the Americas” (AMR 01/2775/2015) on 9 December 2015.

In Latin America thousands of persons suffer violations to their sexual and reproductive rights. Human rights defenders struggle to end these injustices. However, they are among the most stigmatized and defamed in the Americas, not only by state actors but also by the media and the society in general. This stigmatization creates an environment propitious to threats, harassment, breaches of information and unfounded legal investigations against these defenders. The video brings a first awareness/understanding of the situation and calls on the states of the region to make public statements recognizing the legitimate role and valuable work of sexual and reproductive rights defenders.

Contact Marianne Bertrand ( marianne.bertrand@amnesty.org ) about this film.
Duration: 00:03:04
Notes (on language or music rights etc): ENGLISH & SPANISH VERSION AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD BELOW
Tags: #DefendersUnderAttack, #DefensorasBajoAtaque, HRDs, Human Rights Defenders, Sexual Rights
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Shotlist/Transcript List Public: 00:00: Footage taken in El Salvador in September 2015, Activist from the Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto protest with drums and batucada.

00:09: (screen with written message while the image get blurry) "In Latin America, thousands of people suffer violations of their sexual and reproductive rights".

00:12: (screen with written message) "Activists, doctors, lawyers and educators fight to put a stop to this injustice".

00:16: (interview Sandra Peniche) "Injustice...  Read more
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