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Title: Esther Kiobel
Description: Esther Kiobel who is taking on one of the world’s biggest oil companies – Shell – in a final fight for justice. She has pursued them for more than 20 years, accusing Shell of colluding in her husband’s killing.
Shell’s quest for oil in the Niger Delta, facilitated by the Nigerian government, resulted in decades of pollution, devastating the local community. In response, this community of Indigenous Ogoni people launched a protest movement in the 1990s that government security forces – at Shell’s insistence – took every opportunity to crush.
Their efforts culminated in the 1995 sham trial and subsequent hanging of the leaders of the Ogoni resistance as well as Esther’s husband, Dr Barinem Kiobel.
The killing of the Ogoni 9, as they later became known, prompted a global outcry. Amnesty International called on our vast network of supporters to deluge the Nigerian authorities first with appeals for the men’s freedom, and later with letters of outrage. Ultimately, however, it is Esther alone who has endured repeated hardship in her struggle to have her husband’s name cleared.
In a classic David vs Goliath face-off, Esther will finally see her case with Shell go to court this June in the Netherlands. Is her 22-year battle for justice about to end?
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