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Title: Emma an Amnesty activist
Description: It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
Emma, an Amnesty activist, is shocked that Norway is forcing young people to face torture, kidnapping - or death - in Afghanistan as soon as they turn 18.
So she marched with 1000s of others, carrying lit torches through the winter night to tell their politicians: Give all our young people, including 18-year-old Taibeh Abbasi, a safe & peaceful future.
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Shotlist/Transcript List Public: Hi, my name is Emma
And I'm in Trondheim in Norway
At this huge demonstration.
People have come to show solidarity
and support for people like Taibeh Abbasi
that are being sent back to Afghanistan.

"Most Norwegian youth can't wait to turn 18.
that is when life is supposed to start.
But for young Afghan asylum-seekers,
that is not the case
They dread turning 18.@

Meting Taibeh is so inspiring.
She is such a strong women.
It's not easy for her, I know that.
And to do thid and...  Read more
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