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21/04/2018 23:43
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Title: AoC2018 bRoll
Description: Colin Kaepernick awarded Amnesty International's highest honour: the Ambassador of Conscience 2018 award.
Duration: 00:06:25
Language: ENGLISH
Tags: AOC2018 Press
Copyright Type: Amnesty International
Copyright Credit: All material has to be credited Amnesty International on screen
Agreement Type: Agreement applies
Agreement: Copy of Agreement

Only to be used in relation with the AoC2018.

Only for free and unrestricted use ontil the 22 May 2018.

All material to be credited on screen "footage courtesey Amnesty International".

Agreement Notes: Only to be used in relation...  Read more
Date Photo or Video Created: 22/04/2018 00:00
Place Created: NETHERLANDS
Size: 728.58 MB; 1920 x 1080 pixels; 6 minutes 25 seconds;
Format: Digital File on Hard Drive
ID: 249636
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    • AoC 2018 B-Roll Script
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