Text below refers to speech and text on screen (English):
Amnesty International
Secretary General
Salil Shetty

For more than 50 years
Amnesty International has been fighting
to stamp out one of the most insidious acts
one human being can perpetrate against another
Combating torture is part of our history,
it is our legacy and our future.


Martin Ennals
Secretary General
Amnesty International 1968-1980
We have reports coming in daily,
from all over the world.
Of individuals who are being tortured
or groups who are being tortured.

Sean McBride
Chairman Amnesty International
1973 Annual Council Meeting
The torture of prisoners
is practiced
as part of the arm of government.
And this is what we
are trying to fight in the world at the moment.
And that is why we have dedicated this year
a campaign against the utilisation of torture.

Thomas Hammarberg
Secretary General
Amnesty International 1980-1986
We got the Nobel Peace prize 1977
at that was for us a great surprise.
We had heard nothing about it in advance.
And of course
we were very happy.

Mrs Aase Lionaess
Come to rostrum
and receive
on behalf of Amnesty International
the Nobel Peace Prize for 1977.

Thomas Hammarberg
It did mean an international recognition
and more interest
not least in the media.

French television commercial
These letters are the bad conscience of governments.


Glen Close
Amnesty International
is a conspiracy of hope.

USA television commercial

Keith Richards
In over sixty countries
torture is still systematically used.

Robin Williams
Time to play
wheel of misfortune.
That’s right the exiting new game show
where you bet your freedom
against physical torture and abuse.

Thomas Hammarberg
Action is need in the United Nations
to ban torture.
This campaign must succeed
we have to make it succeed.

Mr. Paul Lusaka, President of the UN General Assembly, 1984
The Assembly wishes to adopt
the convention against torture
and other cruel inhuman
or degrading treatment
or punishment.
It is so decided.

Nigel Rodley
Legal Adviser
Amnesty International
That mister chairman
would be the only complete solution
to the problem.
Amnesty had developed
its own urgent action network.

Rapporteur on torture
United Nations
The UN themselves
developed an urgent appeal facility
and so that inevitable
was very dependent on receiving
Amnesty's urgent appeals.

Thomas Hammarberg
Since 1980 we have taken action
in over three thousand individual cases
in 50 countries.


USA television commercial
It's the 30th anniversary of Amnesty International.
However despite all the cases
we have worked on since 1961.
Two out of three people
are still ruled by governments
that torture and kill their own citizens

MC Solar
I'm talking to you,
about a noble cause.
Get Kim Song Man out of prison
His only crime was his opinion.

USA television commercial
Join Muhammad Ali
and Amnesty International
to ban the belt.

Torture survivor, Tunisia
I said
"save me you're a doctor,
you're a noble person.
Kill me
don't let them torture me.

Amnesty Italy television commercial
With the torturer or with Amnesty

Anthony Kiedis, Singer, Red Hot Chili Peppers
When we are not listening
people are imprisoned,
tortured and killed
for their beliefs

Pierre Sané
Secretary General
Amnesty International 1992-2001
Activists in over one hundred countries
will stand up
and take a step
to stamp out torture.
The right not to be tortured
is an absolute right.
Irrespective of the identity of the person.

Tim Robbins, PSA 2006
Torture is not a tool of justice
but of terror
and it is wrong
under any circumstances.

Protesters chanting
Guantanamo has got to go

Irene Khan, Secretary General Amnesty International 2001 - 2009
Some people are above the law
and others are outside it.
Guantanamo has become
the gulag of our times.

Salil Shetty
Our latest campaign in our long battle
is a rallying call to everyone –
‘Together We Can Stop Torture’ –
and we can do it;
if we stand between the tortured
and the torturer.
Together we will intervene whenever people are tortured.
Together we will hold torturers to account.
Torture survivors will know that
they are not forgotten and not alone.
This is what we stand for
as Amnesty International.
Stand with us.