Sales and Licensing

Publicly Available Footage

Any footage that is available publicly from our ADAM (Amnesty Digital Asset Management) website (without requiring a login) is available for broadcast and non broadcast use in connection with our work on human rights.

You are free to share, copy, distribute, transmit, adapt and edit the material subject to the following terms of use:

1) you provide a printed, on-screen and/or a verbal credit, the credit being by using either of the following credit lines: With thanks to Amnesty International / Courtesy of Amnesty International / Footage made available by Amnesty International (either while the video material is being screened or in the end-credits of the programme).

2) use only in relation to events that are newsworthy, educational and topical or of public interest. May not be used in a marketing, promotional, advertising or merchandising context, unless Amnesty International gives permission to waive the present conditions.

Media cannot be passed to Third Parties to be used for purposes of financial gain.

3) compliance with any applicable restrictions described on the ADAM database.

4) you make available upon written request, at no cost to Amnesty International, a tape, DVD and/or digital copy of the programme(s) in which the Media was used, within 30 (thirty) days of first transmission.


Archival Material

Amnesty International offers a mediated search through our collections by Amnesty’s Archivist on your behalf. For in depth research, if you are a film researcher who requires a lot of content, limited access to the collections can be offered for a defined period of time.


Pricing By Output

Editorial Use - £175 per clip

Examples of Editorial Use:

•       TV or internet broadcast news / current affairs reports and programmes

•       Cinema released documentary film


Educational Use - £99 per clip

Examples of Educational Use:

•       Video content within online learning modules

•       Video content within educational DVDs and other media (USB sticks etc)


NGO / Non Profit Use - £25 per clip

Examples of NGO / Non Profit Use:

•       Comparable organisations (charity and non profit)


Licences are granted under the following terms:

-        Use in one production or programme.

-        Not for commercial or promotional purposes

-        Right to distribute the final production or programme in all media now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity.

-        Further use subject to additional charges.


Note: subject to signature of a full written Licence Agreement prior to provision of content.

Contact: $  and write Sales in the Subject Line